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A popular series of SIONE with the motif of "moon".
The simple design creates an elegant table.
The calm brilliance of gold goes very well in any space.

For palm-sized plates, sweets and fruits are recommended.
You can also enjoy the combination with a free cup or stem cup as a saucer.

size: Diameter 12.5 cm Height 2.5 cm
Material: Magnetic soil
Details: Cannot be microwaved. We recommend hand-washing with a detergent without abrasives.

Delivery time: 3 days

SIONE is a "reading" product centered on vessels.
Traditional culture including tea ceremony
Re-question the meaning of that heart
It is put in the vessel as a "shape" with a monogatari.

For example, like the afterglow when you finish reading a novel
For example, the feeling of exhilaration when you put your sleeves on special clothes
SIONE's vessels switch everyday life to extraordinary.
SIONE: Storytelling Pottery & Other “Readable” Products
Rethinking the meaning of the “spirit” of the traditional culture
that grew around tea ceremony,
SIONE ceramics give “form” to this spirit while telling stories along the way.

Like the lingering feeling that one has after reading the last page of a novel…
Like the elation that one feels when one puts on a very special outfit…
SIONE ceramics serve as a switch
that transforms everyday life into something extraordinary.