Woodblock print Kenji Takenaka "Chikurin"
Woodblock print Kenji Takenaka "Chikurin"
Woodblock print Kenji Takenaka "Chikurin"

Woodblock print Kenji Takenaka "Chikurin"

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The silence of Sagano expressed in shades. This work depicts the bamboo grove of Sagano, where you can hear the sound of the leaves touching each other.
Bamboo is considered to be a symbol of prosperous business and Takamasa Ieun because of its features such as correct turning points, straight growth, elasticity and inability to break. As an auspicious pattern that can be counted as "Shotake Ume", it is also ideal as a gift for congratulations.

Japanese paper
White Japanese paper with a smooth surface, good color development and durability, suitable for woodblock prints

Handrail woodblock print
A traditional printing technique in which a pattern engraved on a tree is colored on paper with a handrail for each color.

Picture: Vertical 25 cm x Horizontal 35 cm
Paper: Vertical 27 cm x Horizontal 39 cm

Material: Japanese paper

Specifications: Handrail woodblock print / Can be framed separately (with special mat)

Frame size: Daicolo (approx. 44 cm x 56 cm)

Delivery time: 5 days

"Shinise Handrail Takumi Takenaka Woodblock", which inherits the flow of 1200 years of historic woodblock technology in 1891, was founded in Kyoto and has been involved in many woodblock printing that lives in our daily lives.

And, "I want everyone to have more fun and fun with woodblock printing." With that in mind, the craftsmen started "Takezasado," which proposes products using this woodblock print.