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PotteryBook KAZE
PotteryBook KAZE
PotteryBook KAZE
PotteryBook KAZE

PotteryBook KAZE

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POTTERY BOOK "Book of Vessels" -KAZE Series-
Sione's "reading instrument"
The concept has been shaped.
It is a set of things, music, and plate S.

When you open a BOOK-type package, there is a plate on the right page and a story on the left page.
You can also listen to music tailored to each story.
* Please listen to the music by accessing the website from the included QR code.

This bowl is not only a plate of sweets and dishes, but also to put accessories and
You can use it in various ways. You can also decorate it as it is.
Please use it as a gift for important people.

"The waste"
A wind blowing to turn over a large kudzu leaf one day in autumn.
The leaves show off their white backsides.
It tells the coming of winter from now on.
If you know your backside of deep green
I can't be indifferent anymore.

"Ryoondo Chapo"
Based in Kyoto and Tokyo, this electronic music label continues to work on the theme of "Tea and Zen in Electronic Culture".

Size: Plate diameter 9.5_ height 1_, package height 16.4cm width 12.4cm thickness 2.7cm
Material: Magnetic soil
Details: Microwave oven not allowed. Hand washing is recommended with detergents without abrasives.

Delivery time: 5 days

SIONE is a "reading" product centered on vessels.
Traditional culture including cha-no-yu
Re-questioning the meaning of the mind
It is in the vessel as a "body" with monogatari.

Like the afterglow of reading a novel, for example.
for example, a sense of elation when you put your sleeves through special clothes
SIONE's vessels switch daily life to extraordinary.
SIONE: Storytelling Pottery & Other "Readable" Products
Rethinking the meaning of the "spirit" of the traditional culture
that grew around tea ceremony,
SIONE ceramics give "form" to this spirit while telling stories along the way.

Like the lingering feeling that one has after reading the last page of a novel...
Like the elation that one feels when one puts on a very special outfit...
SIONE ceramics serve as a switch
that transforms everyday life into something extraordinary.