Fan Room Fragrance "Zai"
Fan Room Fragrance "Zai"
Fan Room Fragrance "Zai"
Fan Room Fragrance "Zai"
Fan Room Fragrance "Zai"

Fan Room Fragrance "Zai"

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"Kaza" is a Kyoto word that means "fragrance".
It is a new room fragrance of all made in Kyoto which manufactures everything in Kyoto.
Bamboo, which is thinly processed for fans, has excellent "incense content" and has the property of maintaining the fragrance for a long time.
It is a Japanese fragrance (dihoozer) that fuses traditional technology that has never been before, utilizing the characteristics of a fan bone (bamboo) with high ability to maintain fragrance and the processing technology of Kyo-fan.
A luxurious sandalwood fan was used for the diffuser lead (stick).
Just place it in your room and you will have a subtle scent.

A faint fragrance that drifts softly when a Kyoto fan is fanned.
Thinly processed "fan bone" for fans, continue to keep the scent = kaza once,
It delivers a faint fragrance every time you fan.
Using the characteristics of the fan bone, I made it into an elegant reed stick that leads to the fragrance.

It is a new "Kaori" that delivers a beautiful Japanese fragrance.

Charm of fan room fragrance
The fan room fragrance "Kaza" is a product that beautifully colors the room with fragrance and text.
The delicacy of a thin bamboo with a change of way.
A gentle color of Kiyomizu ware.
A fragrant fragrance that spreads out in the room.
Watermarked sticks add fragrance to your room.

It is a size suitable for entrances and living rooms.
Please use it for celebrations such as marriage and new construction.


Wet cobblestones in the flower district, lanterns lit at night.
Elegant and old-hand. The heart is filled with a gentle, glossy fragrance.

Cherry blossom buds are rolling on the path along the river. Pretty and gorgeous.
It is a lovely fragrance that the heart bees to dance at the time of spring.

The sun leaks through the quiet forest path. The grass and trees are singed in the wind that blows through.
Fresh and healthy. It is a gentle fragrance that relaxes the mind with the scent of a tree that makes you want to take a deep breath.

Size:Bamboo / Height 23cm
Fragrance / Contents 100ml
Pottery (Kiyomizu ware) / Height 8cm× diameter 6cm

Delivery time: About 3 days

A fan, a traditional craft that was born in Kyoto during the Heian period.
In the old years, fans seem to have blended into life as a way to enrich their lives.
You can enjoy the freshness of the season, which dwells in colorful colors,
Put your thoughts on the incense-fired fan and deliver it to important people.
Fans have been loved as something that brings out people's hearts.

"Color to smell" means "smelly color".
The fragrance is smelled with a fan so that the gentle fragrance in nature is crushed by the wind.

We want to enrich the lives of modern people through fans.
I want to connect the future of the fan to the future of 100 years from now.

With such feelings in our heart, we
We are working on new manufacturing that utilizes the skills of fan making.