Warabe Buddha Fudo Myo-oh

Warabe Buddha Fudo Myo-oh

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As the incarnation of the Dainichi Nyorai, Fudo Myo-oh 忿 Buddha who saves all people by removing people's hesitations and annoyances with the expression of anger.
Carved with camphor tree often used for old Buddha statues (with rock seat and flame back)

Height 16.5cm Width 7.2cm Depth 7.2cm (pedestal included)
Height 10cm Width 7cm Depth 5cm (body only)

Material: Kusunoki

Handling Precautions: Because of wood, it may break if it falls or has a strong force.

Delivery time: About 3 months

The workshop is located in an old macamachi house about 500 meters west of Kyoto Gyoen National Garden.
Since ancient times, Buddhist artists have used the street name and place name where the workshop is located as the name of the Buddhist temple. I also named it Domimon Buddha House because I want to follow my foremen and continue the Buddhist temple here for a long time.
Kyoto has been the center of Japanese Buddha painting from the Heian period to the present day, and various techniques have been developed and conveyed to this day.
Domimon Buddha Temple also wants to exist as a place to challenge new attempts while inheriting traditional techniques.