Warabe Buddha, Birth Buddha

Warabe Buddha, Birth Buddha

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Immediately after the birth of Buddha, he walked seven steps and chanted "Tenjo Tenka Yuigadokuson".
It is carved with the finest Japanese cypress (with a lotus flower pedestal).

Height 12.5 cm Width 7 cm Depth 7 cm (including pedestal)
Height 10.5 cm Width 7 cm Depth 4 cm (main unit only)

Material: Kiso cypress

Handling precautions: Because it is made of wood, it may break if dropped or if strong force is applied.

Delivery time: about 3 months

The studio is located in an old townhouse about 500 meters west of Kamichojamachi-dori from Kyoto Gyoen National Garden.
Since ancient times, Buddhist priests have used the street name and place name where the workshop is located as the name of the Buddhist temple. I also named it Tsuchimikado Buddhist temple because I wanted to continue the Buddhist temple in this area for a long time, following my predecessors.
From the Heian period to the present, Kyoto has been the center of Japanese Buddhist statue production, and various techniques have been developed and passed down to the present day.
I would like to see the Tsuchimikado Buddhist temple as a place to try new things while inheriting traditional techniques.