Rift frame
Rift frame
Rift frame
Rift frame

Rift frame

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Framed art works that make use of the fabric itself, such as Nishijin-ori and Old Rift.
The photo is a sample. Because it is a work of one point thing, the rift will be a different pattern each time.

Delivery time: About 6Months

Founded in 1957.
Inheriting the skills of the first generation who was involved in the restoration of many cultural properties at the national treasure repair office in the Kyoto National Museum,
We are conducting new and repair of hanging scrolls, foreheads, folding screens, buffers, scrolls, etc.
In addition, we also perform interior construction such as fusuma and shoji, and wall washi paste related to shrines and temples and S stoppery buildings nationwide.
In recent years, as a new initiative,
Under the theme of [art× traditional materials of table fittings] we searched for a design that matched the modern architectural style,
We aim to establish a new Japanese.

The role of the table is to protect the work for a long time first.
For example, if it is an axis, it is most important to roll it tightly and spread it neatly.
While keeping the basics, we, the table equipment, are applied to enhance the work more beautifully.
The leading role is the work, and the work of the table teacher is behind the scenes.
Our work begins by drawing on the intentions of the work and sharing the thoughts of our customers.
As the center of Japanese culture, Kyoto has nurtured a number of design techniques that color beauty. The beauty of the famous products that are transmitted today is a testament to the reliable technology.
We inherit the tradition of Kyo-table equipment and try to be serious and careful.