Warabe butsu and Jizo Bosatsu

Warabe butsu and Jizo Bosatsu

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The most popular Buddha statue in Japan is Jizo.
It is carved with the highest Japanese cypress in the Japanese cypress.

Size: Height: 9 cm wide, 4.5cm deep, 4.5cm long.

MaterialsKiso Hinoki

Usage notesIt can be broken if it falls down because of wood or it can be strong.

Delivery period: Approximated 3 months

The Kobo is located in an old townhouse that walked about 500 meters west of Kamenagamachi-dori Street from the Kyoto Gyoen National Garden.
From ancient times, Buddhist sculptors used the street names and place names in which they were located in the name of Kobo.I also wanted to follow the precedent and named the Tsuchimikado Butsho because I wanted to keep the Buddhist temple for a long time in this place.
From the Heian period to the present, Kyoto has been a center of the production of Buddhist statues in Japan, and various techniques have been developed, and it is now known.
It is hoped that the Tsuchiomikado Buddhist altar is also a place to take on traditional techniques and try new attempts.