Vertical grid wooden partition
Vertical grid wooden partition
Vertical grid wooden partition

Vertical grid wooden partition

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A vertical lattice tsuitate that utilizes traditional joinery technology. Ideal for indoor installation.

Size: Width about 36 to 39 cm× depth about 12 cm× height about 30 cm

Delivery time: About 2 months

Today, mechanization is progressing in the world of architecture, and manual work is becoming quieter, but on the contrary, thanks to mechanization, more precise work can be done in the production of fittings. Rough basic work is done by machine, and detailed work can be done by hand.

There are as many types of planes and chisel as tools for sukiya-style joiners, and the techniques must be made by skilled joiners.

As for the building materials of the fittings, the wood that has been thoroughly dried so that distortion does not occur at a later date is removed from the stile, upper rail, and lower rail, and inked. Mortise the left and right sides of the crosspiece. The vertical and horizontal kumiko are chamfered, the kumiko is assembled, and the stile, upper rail, and lower rail are chamfered to assemble the fittings. In this process, each part is finely crafted with planes and chisel to create elegant lines.

The fittings of Sukiya architecture that look normal are actually delicate and precise, and it takes time and effort to make them, but in this process, the skill of a skilled joiner who can master planes and chisel and cooperation with Sukiya carpenters are important.

It is Nishimura Joinery Mfg. Co., Ltd.'s desire to continue to inherit the elegant lines unique to Kyoto joinery masters.