Matcha tailoring set
Matcha tailoring set
Matcha tailoring set
Matcha tailoring set

Matcha tailoring set

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A starter kit that can be used to make matcha.
We will also deliver it in gift wrapping.

Matcha: The finest matcha green tea: Sokyu 20g
meaning: A taste that is inhaled, like a deep, blue sky.

Uses matcha from a tea garden that has won the Kyoto Governor's Award at the Tea Garden Fair
The use of carefully selected organic fertilizer also contributes to the elegant taste of our matcha tea, but the taste is richer by carefully picking the leaves one by one by hand from a place near the base of the sprout. In addition, the soil quality of Joyo in Kyoto is close to that of sand, so there is little habit of the taste of the tea leaves that grow there, and the color of the leaves becomes bright green.

Chasen: From Takayama
Bowl: Green wind

Delivery time: 5 days

In Joyo, Kyoto, the tea shop "Sonemon" has inherited tea making for over 200 years.
We continue to make the best matcha that is delicious and beautiful, regardless of whether it is rainy or sunny.

From daily drinking to gifts for loved ones, please use Sonemon's products.