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Careful tailoring
It is a ceremony chapter carefully tailored by handmade one by one by "Naochi law clothing shop" 100 years in kyoto founding with the strength of technical knowledge of tailoring.

Each denomination can be accommodated, such as Jodo Shinshu school, Pure land / Shinjing / Tendai sect. Please contact us.

Delivery time: About 1 month

Without being indulging in the knowledge we have accumulated and the traditions we have inherited,
We always value the attitude of facing things in the point of ignorance.
What do you wear it for? What do you use it for? To avoid being caught up in pre-ed concepts and trends,
While understanding historical backgrounds and Buddhist viewpoints, students learn, examine, and think to deepen their thinking.
Then, after pursuing it, you can see the essence of things.
We will not compromise on making legal clothing. Carefully selected materials that satisfy functional beauty,
Sewing that improves quality, design that reflects the times and value.
In addition, in order to have many people visit the temple
We will also help you "create an attractive temple".
Our thoughts are simple.
I want to leave it to the next one. From here, you can think so.