Zafu ZAFU 1 shaku (about 30cm in diameter)
Zafu ZAFU 1 shaku (about 30cm in diameter)
Zafu ZAFU 1 shaku (about 30cm in diameter)
Zafu ZAFU 1 shaku (about 30cm in diameter)
Zafu ZAFU 1 shaku (about 30cm in diameter)
Zafu ZAFU 1 shaku (about 30cm in diameter)

Zafu ZAFU 1 shaku (about 30cm in diameter)

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Indigo seated area using hemp with good breathability.

The wind series is different from the Sai series using cotton, and both colors are calm colors.
The unique manufacturing method does not impair breathability and prevents batting from the fabric.

Color taste : Indigo
Fabric : Hemp / Batting : Panya Cotton
Size: Width about 30cm× height about 17cm
Weight: About 665g

Handmade products by Japanese craftsmen

Because a large amount of familiar and soft natural material "Panya" is pinched in the batting, it is possible to adjust it to the shape that is right for you, such as making it feel flat or possible to put out the height. "Height" and "Hardness" are different from others.

Zazen LIFE that suppresses the burden on the body and stabilizes in the correct posture

Compared to a normal cushion, zafu is a seated area where the sides of both knees are grounded, and you can see that the body is supported by three points of the buttocks and both knees. This distributes weight, reduces the burden on the buttocks and knees, and enables stable zazen meditation and meditation for a long time.

Please note that there are some differences in size and weight depending on the individual. It will be harder than a normal cushion or a cushion. This product is made by making a cotton case directly, and it is not a cover type.
When outdoors, be sure to lay a vinyl sheet etc. for the protection and waterproofing of the bottom surface before use.

About the delivery date
We are very sorry to keep you waiting, but it will be made-to-order, so it will be shipped within 10 business days from the order. Please understand in advance.

How to care
Washing of this product is not allowed. If it gets dirty, wipe it off with a tightly squeezed cloth or use a commercially available fabric cleaner. After use, hold the side of the seated area with both hands to shape it and it will last longer.

Delivery time: 10 days

Both domestically and internationally, celebrities from all over the world have been taking zen into their lifestyles, and attention to Zen culture is increasing not only in Japan but also overseas.

We would like to convey the culture that is easy to incorporate into everyday life, such as Zazen and Zagama, and the products and technologies that accompany it, so that we can feel closer to "Zen culture".

In addition, we would like to contribute to the promotion of demand for traditional industries and the inheritance of technology by manufacturing everything in Japan.