Zafu 1 shaku 2 sun (diameter about 36cm)
Zafu 1 shaku 2 sun (diameter about 36cm)
Zafu 1 shaku 2 sun (diameter about 36cm)
Zafu 1 shaku 2 sun (diameter about 36cm)
Zafu 1 shaku 2 sun (diameter about 36cm)
Zafu 1 shaku 2 sun (diameter about 36cm)

Zafu 1 shaku 2 sun (diameter about 36cm)

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Indigo-colored zafu made from breathable hemp.

Unlike the Sai series, which uses cotton, the Kaze series has a calm color.
The unique manufacturing method does not impair breathability and prevents the batting from leaking from the fabric.

Color : Indigo
Cloth : Hemp / batting: Panya cotton
size: Width approx. 36 cm x Height approx. 19 cm
weight: Approximately 1200g


Handmade products by Japanese craftsmen

Since the batting is packed with a large amount of soft natural material "Panya" that is easy to get used to, you can adjust it to the shape that suits you, such as holding it flat or raising the height. "Height" and "hardness" are different from others.

A stable ZAZEN LIFE with the correct posture while reducing the burden on the body

Compared to normal cushions, Zafu ZAFU has the sides of both knees in contact with the ground, and you can see that the buttocks and both knees support the body. This distributes weight, reduces the burden on the buttocks and knees, and enables stable zazen and meditation for a long time.

Please note that there are some differences in size and weight depending on the individual. It will be harder than ordinary cushions and cushions. This product is made by directly putting cotton in it, and is not a cover type.
Be sure to lay a vinyl sheet etc. before using it outdoors to protect the bottom and waterproof.

About delivery date
We apologize for the inconvenience, but since it is made to order, it will be shipped within 10 business days of your order. Please note.

How to care
This product cannot be washed. If it gets dirty, wipe it off with a tightly wrung cloth or use a commercially available fabric cleaner. After use, hold the side of the zafu with both hands to shape it and it will last longer.

Delivery time: 10 days

As celebrities from various fields have incorporated "Zen" into their lifestyles, both domestically and internationally, attention to Zen culture is increasing not only in Japan but also overseas.

We also made efforts to make "Zen culture" more familiar by communicating cultures that are easy to incorporate into everyday life, such as "Zazen" and "Zafu", and the products and technologies that accompany them. I think that.

In addition, we would like to contribute to the promotion of demand in traditional industries and the succession of technology by conducting all manufacturing in Japan.