Book Cover Hokusai Manga 9 Pieces Set
Book Cover Hokusai Manga 9 Pieces Set
Book Cover Hokusai Manga 9 Pieces Set
Book Cover Hokusai Manga 9 Pieces Set
Book Cover Hokusai Manga 9 Pieces Set
Book Cover Hokusai Manga 9 Pieces Set
Book Cover Hokusai Manga 9 Pieces Set
Book Cover Hokusai Manga 9 Pieces Set

Book Cover Hokusai Manga 9 Pieces Set

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Woodblock Print "Hokusai Manga" / Katsushika Hokusai
Katsushika Hokusai, who was active as a ukiyo-e artist in the Edo period, picked up the people of the town who bathed in water from the art collection "Hokusai Manga" depicting life at that time.

Paper made in Japan since ancient times with long fibers intertwined with high strength and unique taste

Handrail Woodblock Print
a traditional printing technique in which a pattern engraved on a tree is colored on paper with a handrail for each color

Sketch collection "Hokusai manga" series by famous ukiyo-e artist Katsushika Hokusai
Katsushika Hokusai is popular for his "Thirty-six Views of Mt. Fuji", playing an active role as a master of ukiyo-e in the Edo period. Not only ukiyo-e works, but also many brushes were left.
This "Hokusai Manga" (Hokusai Manga) is one of them, a collection of illustrations sketching various motifs such as people, flora and fauna, scenery, etc.

The 4,000 lively moments that Hokusai is said to have called "paintings that are drawn in a way that is distracting" are reminiscent of the roots of modern "manga", even if there is no flow of words and stories, without getting tired of what you see somewhere humorous.

Takesasado has a valuable "Hokusai manga" from the Edo period, and reprinted woodblock prints based on the patterns picked up from them. The brush of the master that Hokusai left revives in the present day, and it is reborn as a nostalgic new work from Takesasa-do.

Takesasa-do Book Cover
Each piece is made of Washi paper that the craftsman has cut as a woodblock print.
Japanese washi paper, which is made by intertwining fibers many times, is very durable and can be used for about 3 years.
Because the paint is firmly slid into the layer of fiber, it is hard to lose color even if I touch it, and I finished it in a moist book cover that is easy to fit in the hand.

It will be delivered by folding according to the general paperback size (height about 15 cm× width about 22.5 cm) or the new book book size (height about 18 cm× width about 22.5 cm). Please specify the desired size.

In addition, when using for books other than paperback size and new book size, or when decorating with panels, we prepare handrail Washi paper of about 39 cm ×27 cm that has not been folded. Please order from "Wood plate Washi/ Chiyo paper".

How to use the staff recommendation
When you use it, take the time to rub it tightly. By standing up the fibers on the surface of washi paper, it turns into a soft cloth-like feel and you can enjoy a new texture. It can be used for books of different thickness without worrying about wrinkles.


Bunko: About 15cm×22.5cm
New book: About 18cm×22.5cm
(At the time of deployment: about 39cm×27cm)

Hand-sliding woodblock print, 1-color slide
Bunko/New Book Folded

Material: Washi

Delivery time: About 5 days

In 1899, "Long-established Handrail Craftsman Takenaka Woodblock Print", which inherits the flow of woodblock printing technology with a history of 1,200 years, was founded in Kyoto and has been involved in many woodblock printings that live in life.

"I want you to make wood-cut printing more fun and interesting. With that in their thoughts, craftsmen started "Takesasado", which proposes products using woodblock prints.