Les Montagne
Les Montagne
Les Montagne
Les Montagne

Les Montagne

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[Les Montagne] which imaged the mountain of Kyoto seen from Kamogawa
With Yuki Nakamura (illustrator) of Petit Ta Petit
Textiles designed by Mr. Masahiro Okuda (Printing Director).
I was able to tailor it to the thing by a happy edge.

Petit Ta Petit + ャ
Collaboration logo and concept
Petit Ta Petit made it for me.

Logo Concept
"ミ", which is the origin of ャ and (choboya), is used in the four corners,
Spreading airyly in all fours,
It is a wish to prosper in footwear loved by people.
Even if various things change over time, the heart of the first generation "Do not forget the original mind"
And "Be it well, slowly. One by one."

Delivery time: 10 days

It is located in Hanamikoji, Gion.
Since 1954, we have a selection of clogs, sandals, maiko "omoko", etc.
When you put a brush on a letter, it always starts with a chobo.
The name of the shop means "Don't forget your first mind".