Single-edged petty knife Japanese kitchen knife
Single-edged petty knife Japanese kitchen knife

Single-edged petty knife Japanese kitchen knife

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We have developed a single-edged petty knife for Japanese knives, hoping that you can try the quality Japanese knives used by professional chefs at home.
This single-edged petty knifeExcellent versatility to handle large enough as needed and smallThe small size is used as a chef's "little knives", and can be used for peeling, chamfering, and trimming fruits and vegetables, and can be used in various household situations.
It can be conveniently used at the dining table, so it is a gem that you want to feel the joy of cooking and the joy of eating.
* This product is a right-handed single-edged knife.

Size: about 18 cm

Delivery time: 3 days

Kitchen knife coordinator
Become a "connector" between all the people who cook and the utensils,
That is the kitchen knife coordinator.

Utilizing the knowledge and skills of kitchen knives, from the standpoint of a person who cooks including ingredients
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Based on the techniques and hearts that have been handed down from ancient times, we finish and send them out by hand.

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