Cut-out Rose Silk Fan

Cut-out Rose Silk Fan

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Material: Bamboo, Fabric, Washi

Number of bones: 25 bottles

Size: Length about 21cm× width about 39.5cm

Delivery time: About 3 days

A fan, a traditional craft that was born in Kyoto during the Heian period.
In the old years, fans seem to have blended into life as a way to enrich their lives.
You can enjoy the freshness of the season, which dwells in colorful colors,
Put your thoughts on the incense-fired fan and deliver it to important people.
Fans have been loved as something that brings out people's hearts.
We want to enrich the lives of modern people through fans.
I want to connect the future of the fan to the future of 100 years from now.

With such feelings in our heart, we
We are working on new manufacturing that utilizes the skills of fan making.